As a private individual, your home is often your most valuable asset. This is also true for small and medium-sized businesses.

At Frøysaa & Bjørkgård, we specialize in areas of law relevant to small and medium- sized businesses. SMBs often lack in-house legal expertise, but they still need to navigate through relevant regulations to create, preserve and develop value as part of their business.

Frøysaa & Bjørkgard specializes in areas of real estate law that concern most people. Our clients are private individuals and small and medium-sized businesses who either own or hold other rights to real estate. Assignments vary, from dispute resolution to consulting related to real estate development projects.

Our lawyers have broad experience in this area of law. We know from experience that a lot of assignments in this area of law are often pressed for time. Considerable financial sums may also be at stake, so precision and control are essential. Close collaboration between lawyer and client ensures that the assignment is completed quickly and with the client’s full confidence.

Some of the things we can help you with:

– Acquisition and sale of real estate
– Claims related to delays or deficiencies associated with the acquisition and/or sale of real estate
– Land consolidation
– Ground leases
– Real estate development